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How to Earn Money on Fiverr? Beginners Guide

Maybe you just lost your job, or want to start fresh doing a more meaningful job, but somehow you are afraid of losing your time or failing once again. Maybe you are struggling with the feeling of not being good enough or never enough and you feel lost about trying by yourself to have the quality of life you always wanted. I get it. It is not easy to jump and start from zero to build a new career from scratch. How scary it is to start all over again and maybe at this time you thought everything would be different, it isn't. I hate the feeling of being stuck while having a family to feed. That is why I joined Fiverr. Because I did not want to anyone treat me like I worth nothing, I was not supposed to let anyone tell me what to do with my time or decide when I'm able to spend time with my family. Now I get to choose, from what client I want to work with and I give the conditions of my services. It is a freedom that makes you feel in control with your life again.
What is Fiverr?