How to Earn Money on Fiverr? Beginners Guide

Maybe you just lost your job, or want to start fresh doing a more meaningful job, but somehow you are afraid of losing your time or failing once again. Maybe you are struggling with the feeling of not being good enough or never enough and you feel lost about trying by yourself to have the quality of life you always wanted. I get it. It is not easy to jump and start from zero to build a new career from scratch. How scary it is to start all over again and maybe at this time you thought everything would be different, it isn't. I hate the feeling of being stuck while having a family to feed. That is why I joined Fiverr. Because I did not want to anyone treat me like I worth nothing, I was not supposed to let anyone tell me what to do with my time or decide when I'm able to spend time with my family. Now I get to choose, from what client I want to work with and I give the conditions of my services. It is a freedom that makes you feel in control with your life again.

What is Fiverr?

It is a website that offers a place to start working for as little as $5. You do not need a degree to promote your services, only showcase what you have done that prove your talent and worth. You will gain experience and built strong relationships with your clients.

How do you use Fiverr?

There are two kinds of people, the ones who have ideas but no knowledge of how to make it happen and the ones who have the knowledge but are lack ideas. Individuals use Fiverr to find the talent to build their companies or to sell their skills to those who already have a business.

Bloggers find very talented people on Fiverr who can help them create content based on their keyboard research, create the Pinterest images, hire virtual assistants to complete social tasks like answering emails, creating new tweets or pins, while they are on the process of creating new content. But others prefer to sell their writing skills as they enjoy the researching and writing process. Bloggers also use Fiverr as a platform to connect their blog with companies that are looking to create a strong online presence.

On the other hand, Amazon, eBay or Gearbest sellers hire graphic designers to help them clean their product images, perform a background removal or add special effects to attract more clients. They also focus on hiring writers that master the skills of product descriptions, reviews and titles using SEO words. Most importantly, they hire people with huge followers account to promote their products on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

Developers use Fiverr to get a hand on animations, drawing characters, making sprite sheets, testing the app or the game.

What are some useful tips for using Fiverr?

From sellers perspective

Tip 1. Do all the tests that Fiverr offers to prove your skills, this way people will trust you as you verified your skills on the platform. This is very important in cases you do not speak the language and want to create gigs as a translator. You must verify you can performance with quality the gigs you are promoting.

Tip 2. Join Fiverr courses as it gives you badges on your profile. You are showing to your clients that you are willing to improve your skills each day.

Tip 3. When writing you gig make sure you point the advantages or benefits of buying your gig. Explain as detailed as possible how your gig will improve your buyer's life.

Tip 4. Share your gig on social media constantly to increase the possibilities of making sales. It does not matter if you do not have a big audience, what is important is to create ways for people who are looking for your service to find you on any social platform they use.

From buyers perspective

Tip 1. Read carefully the description of the service before buying and ask before you buy if you have any doubts regarding the service. It is better and saves time if you agree before buying with the seller all your needs. If you like the service you can build a circle of trust, which means sellers from Fiverr who you already know work as you require.

Tip 2. Check the profile of the seller and read what others say about the gig. It will help you build trust before buying.

Tip 3. When speaking to the seller explain with many details all you want from the gig, this will avoid misunderstanding in the future.

How can I increase sales on Fiverr?
  1. Add as much detail information to your Fiverr profile.

  2. Add your skills and verify them by answering the Fiverr test.

  3. If you can, add your education and certifications.

  4. On your profile description use SEO terms to drive more clicks to your profile.

  5. Use a professional profile picture or your company logo. The more attractive the picture is the more attention you will be able to get.

  6. On every gig turn on packages.

  7. Use promotional videos.

  8. Make sure to add your gig to the right categories.

  9. Answer any question in less than an hour.

  10. Promote your gigs on social media. Get as many exposures as you can.

  11. Always deliver on time.

  12. Create unique gigs for your buyers. This way no one can compete with your services. Also, you can offer surprising values as well.

How do I promote Fiverr gigs?
  1. Promotional videos
  2. By creating videos you are guaranteed that your gig will receive more clicks and sells, as promotional videos make you stand out as many other sellers do not pay attention to videos on their gigs. On the other hand, promotional videos allow you to add more information about your gig, it is a winning strategy.

  3. Through your Youtube Channel

  4. If you have a Youtube Channel you can add the links to your gig on the description box, on the Channel information and make a special announcement during one of your videos. Your followers will support you and spread the word about your gigs..

  5. Posting of relevant forums

  6. Create your profile on pages like Quora or Reddit and add your Fiverr profile link. Every time you answer or participate in a particular topic it will catch the reader's attention and they will look into your profile to get to know you better that is when they are going to find your available gigs. You have to make sure to post high-quality content related to your gigs to build a strong reputation while attracting more visitors to your profile.

  7. On your blog

  8. I love using my blog as a space to showcase my talents and letting readers see what I'm able to build as a web developer and as a writer. You can do the same, use your blog to spread the word about your talents while offering your Fiverr gigs.

  9. Social media

  10. Get creative and share on social media what is your gig about. Share pictures, videos or quick messages that will attract more clients to you. What is important is to create ways for clients to find you on their search results, that is why every social media counts.

How to write the perfect gig?

Step 1. Explore the Fiverr market and your specialty first.

Step 2. Compose an interesting eye-catching title that best describes your offer.

Step 3. Pick the best labels related to your gig. Duplicate the most applicable catchphrases about your administration and install them in your portrayal just as in your tags.

Step 4. Describe your gig by telling your client what is your work about, which problems do you solve and how your client will benefit from buying your gig.

Step 5. Even if you don't have clients yet, answer the  "frequently asked questions", is an opportunity to communicate even more information about your gig, don't miss it.

Step 6. Create an eye-catching image. This will call the client's attention on the search results, make sure to use it in your advantage.

Step 7. Add a promotional video describing your gig and showcasing your work. Use your 75 seconds wisely.

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