Easy, Fun and Fast Way to Make Money Online

by Violeta León

   As easy as it sounds, you can make money online solving CAPTCHA. I had used 2captcha and protypers, but let me tell you, the advantages Kolotibablo has, are unique, and make it the top one, when it comes to CAPTCHA solving. It gives you bonuses for carry out different levels in the platform, that makes you feel they value your work. The more you solve CAPTCHA, more money you earn.

  I felt in love with the skip button, this way you can avoid the CAPTCHA you really don't understand, even when the CAPTCHA they use are easy to keep with 100% of accuracy. The referral link pays you 10% of what your friends earn in the platform each month.

   These days, Kolotibablo team added several new easy task to earn even more money:
  • Translations english to spanish.
  • Set like to a tweet.
  • Evaluate correctness of captcha entries.
  • Judge screenshots as jobs accompishment confirmations.
  • Find every object on image and make bounding box for it.
  • Craigslist leads phone numbers, copy and paste.

   It has a window app where you can earn 20% more money than solving the CAPTCHA via website. And if you have an android device you can download on the playstore their app. It works perfectly and fast.

   Kolotibablo pays through Payza, Bitcoin, PayPal, and the best is that you can send money to another user. This way is even easier to get to the minimum for payout, because you can build a team with a close friend. It does pay as quickly as they promise, I ask payment through payza (if you don't have a payza account you can open it here), to build trust with the website and here are the payment proof. Step by step.

when you reach the minimum amount to cash out

when you ask to send your money via payza

when you receive your money in payza

Payment Proof from Kolotibablo

   I recommend to wait and cash from 5$ because, payza only exchange dolar to bitcoin once you get to 20$ in the account. Even when there are many exchangers, the minimum rate is 20$ each. Now I have 1$ waiting for more to join it.

Work online and earn real money


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